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Tax Advantage Protection Group (TAPG) is a tremendous educational resource to understand an industry that is constantly changing with the ebbs and flows of insurance protection, inflation hedged growth strategies, and tax leveraged retirement concepts. We are licensed in almost every state and ready to serve.

The principal of Tax Advantage Protection Group, Jacen Work, CLTC, has nearly 30 years of influential relationships with industry experts in Long-Term Care, Life Insurance, and Annuities. He has an impressive reputation and expertise in training thousands of financial advisors, wholesalers, and agents in tax advantage protection designs. He has been an integral consultant to these financial professionals on behalf of thousands of their clients of every major financial institution throughout the United States. Mr. Work has built a vast network of underwriters, advanced planners, attorneys, and top-rated carriers to deliver excellence in wealth planning.  His motivation is to guide individuals and financial advisors, whether it be young professionals starting to accumulate wealth for future obligations, mid-life income providers wanting to look after themselves or their own parents properly, or retired individuals seeking to protect their legacy and family. This protection of wealth while leveraging tax efficiency led to the establishment of the Tax Advantage Protection Group.

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